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Environmental Law.

Private International Law.

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ISIL Newsletter
05 December 2014 : Monthly Discussion on "WTO, Trade Facilitation Agreement; Food Security and India" on 05 December, 2014 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
07 November 2014 : Monthly Discussion on "India’s Quest for Permanent Membership in the United Nations Security Council" on 07 November, 2014 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
05 September 2014 : Monthly Discussion on "The Gaza Conflict from a Humanitarian law perspectivee" on 05 September, 2014 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
08 August 2014 : Monthly Discussion on "Use of Public Moral Exception in WTO Law: Discussion of EC-Seals Dispute" on 08 August, 2014 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
04 July 2014 : Monthly Discussion on "India’s Free Trade Engagements: A Development Perspective" on 04 July, 2014 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
02 May 2014 : Monthly Discussion on "International Crimes on Internet-An Indian Perspective" on 02 May, 2014 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
04 April 2014 : Monthly Discussion on "International Law in the New Crimean Conflict: Facts and Norms Governing Secession and Annexation" on 04 April, 2014 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
07 March 2014 : Monthly Discussion on "Death Penalty in the Context of International Human Rights Norm" on 07 March, 2014 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
03 January 2014 : Monthly Discussion on "WTO Ministerial Conference at Doha with Special Reference to India" on 03 January, 2014 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
06 December 2013 : Monthly Discussion on "Taking Stock of the U. N. Climate Change Conference 2013 at Warsaw" on 06 December, 2013 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
04 October 2013 : Monthly Discussion on "The Role of United Nations in Syria" on 04 October, 2013 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
06 September 2013 : Monthly Discussion on "Recent Mass Killing in Egypt and Possible International Legal Response" on 06 September, 2013 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
02 August 2013 : Monthly Discussion on "US Surveillance, India and Snowden" on 2 August, 2013 Friday at 5.00 PM, ISIL
05 July 2013 : Monthly Discussion on "New Challenges of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) for India" on 5 July, 2013 at 5.00 PM, ISIL
03 May 2013 : Monthly Discussion on India and Pakistan Water Relations: A Look at the Kishanganga" on 3 May, 2013 at 5.00 PM, ISIL
03 April 2013 : A Panel Discussion on "Enrica Lexie Case" on 3 April, 2013 at 5.00 PM, ISIL
01 March 2013 : A Discussion on "International Law and Violence against Women" by Prof. Ratna Kapoor (to be introduced by the Secretary-General Shri Narinder Singh) at 05:00 PM, ISIL
(Its monthly discussion forum, which is held on the first Friday of every month)
01 February 2013 : Legality of Drones in International Humanitarian Law by Dr. U. C. Jha- Introducer (Prof. Lakshmi Jambholkar) (Meeting was Chaired by Secretary-General Shri Narinder Singh) (date 01-02-13)
04 January 2013 : Internet Treaty and the Amendment in the Copyright Act 1958 by Dr. T. C. James (Introducer Secretary-General Shri Narinder Singh) (chaired by Prof. S. K. Verma) (date 04-01-13)
7 December 2012 : The Eleventh Cop 11 Meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity by Dr. Luther Rangreji (Introducer S-G Shri Narinder Singh) (chaired by President ISIL Dr. E. M. S. Natchiappan) (date 07-12-12)
2 November 2012 : The Rio + 20 and the Questions of Sustainability by Dr. Anwar Sadat (Introduced and chaired by the president ISIL Dr. E. M. S. Natchiappan) (date 02-11-12)
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