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Indian Society of International Law
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ISIL Newsletter
The Society undertakes several activities, which promotes the objectives and interests of the Society and has been reflected in a diverse and series of periodicals, books and monographs and other materials designed to educate and engage both legal professional and the public. It publishes the following on a regular basis:
The quarterly journal Indian Journal of International Law (IJIL) has been published by the ISIL since 1960. The Journal has acquired the distinction of being a premier legal periodical from the Third World and is circulated all over the world. It publishes well-researched articles/papers, research notes and comments, current developments, Judgments and Advisory Opinions of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and Judgments of the Supreme Court of India on matters of international law. The IJIL also has an official document section, which inter alia contains select resolutions adopted by the UN bodies, texts of multilateral and bilateral treaties entered into by the Government of India, enactments of the Indian Parliament and other relevant documents on international law.
Editorial Board

Rahmatullah Khan

Chief Business Editor
R. K. Dixit

Managing Editor
C. Jayaraj

Lakshmi Jambholkar, V. S. Mani, Narinder Singh, P. S. Rao, Yogesh Tyagi

R. P. Anand, Veena Bakshi, N. Balu, J. C. Batra, Upendra Baxi, C. K. Chaturvedi, B. S. Chimni, Bharat H. Desai, B. Errabi,
M. Gandhi, A. K. Ganguli, V. C. Govindaraj, V. G. Hegde, Sanjay Parikh, S. C. Jain, A. Jayagovind, A. K. Koul, Satpal Nalwa,
B. C Nirmal, Luther M. Rangreji, Ravindra Pratap, P. C. Rao, A. S. Reddy,
G. S. Sachdeva, R. K. P. Shankardass, S. K. Verma

Advisory Panel

Gudmundur, Alfredsson, Rudolph Bernhardt, Richard A. Falk, Abdul G. Koroma, Edith Brown Weiss, Ved P. Nanda, M. Sornarajah, K. Venkata Raman, Rudiger Wolfrum, Michael Reisman, Kriangsak Kittichai, Gunther Handl, Yoram Dinstein

S. K. Agrawala, B. R. Chauhan, R. C. Hingorani, S. P. Jagota, B. S. Murthy, T. S. Rama Rao, Surya P. Sharma

Assistant Editor
Manoj Kr. Sinha

Editorial Assistants
Vinai Kumar Singh, Anwar Sadat, D. Sridhar Patnaik

Guidelines for Contributors to IJIL
The ISIL also publishes ISIL Year Book of International Humanitarian and Refugee Law, focusing on the development of international humanitarian law (IHL) and refugee law. Besides articles, notes and comments, book reviews, the Year Book also contains important documents published on the subjects during the year under review. Prof. V. S. Mani is the Chief Editor of the Year Book. Vinai Kumar Singh is Assistant Editor of the Year Book.

ISIL Year Book Guidlines
The ISIL also publishes a quarterly newsletter: The Indian Society of International Law Newsletter.
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Indian Journal of International Law:  
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Subscriptions are automatically renewed upon expiration unless a notice of discontinuance is made immediately after the receipt of the last issue. The journal has limited stocks of back issues/volumes, which can be had at Rs. 200 per issue or Rs.800/- per volume.
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ISIL Year Book of International Humanitarian and Refugee Law:
India Developing Countries Developed Countries
Rs.400 + 150 (Postage charge) US $50 US $80
For subscriptions to both/either of these publications, kindly remit a bank draft drawn in favour of the Indian Society of International Law.
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