ISIL conducts following
Post Graduate Diploma

International Law and

Human Rights, International
Humanitarian and Refugee Law.

International Trade and
Business Law.

Intellectual Property
Rights Law.

International Environmental Law.

Private International Law.

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ISIL Newsletter

1. Adelaide Law Review
2. African Chronicle
3. Aligarh Law Journal
4. All India Reporter
5. American Journal of Comparative Law
6. American Journal of International Law
7. American University International Law Review
8. Amity Law Review
9. Arbitration Law Reporter
10. Asian News Digest
11. Asian Survey
12. Asian Yearbook of International Law
13. Boston College International Comparative Law Review
14. Boston College Third World Law Journal
15. British Year Book of International Law
16. Brooklyn Journal of International Law
17. California Western International law Journal
18. Case Western Reserve Journal International Law
19. Chinese Yearbook International Law & Affairs
20. Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
21. Combat Law
22. Copy Right & Trade Marks Reporter
23. Cornell International Law Journal
24. Cornell Law Review
25. Current Legal Problems
26. De Paul Law Review
27. Denver Journal of International Law
28. Down to Earth
29. Emory International Law Review
30. Emory Law Journal
31. Environmental Law
32. Ethics and International Affairs.
33. European Journal of International Law
34. Finnish Year Book of International Law
35. Forced Migration
36. Fordham International Law Journal
37. Foreign Affairs
38. Frontline
39. George Washington journal of International Law Review
40. Hague Year Book of International Law
41. Harvard Environmental Law Review
42. Harvard International Law Journal
43. Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly
44. Health and Human Rights
45. Health Law Journal
46. Houston Journal of International Law
47. Human Rights Internet Reporter
48. ICSID Annual Report
49. ICSID Review-Foreign Investment Law Journal
50. ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law
51. India Quarterly
52. India Today
53. Indian Journal of International Law
54. Indian Socio-legal Journal
55. Industry and Environment
56. International & Comparative Law Quarterly
57. International Journal of Refugee Law
58. International Law Reports
59. International Lawyer
60. International Legal Materials
61. International Review of Red Cross
62. International Studies
63. International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (Judgment)
64. International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea Year book
65. ISIL Year Book
66. Israel Law Review
67. Italian Yearbook of International Law
68. Japanese Annual of International Law
69. Journal of Commercial Arbitration
70. Journal of Indian Law Institute
71. Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
72. Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law
73. Journal of National Human Rights Commission
74. Journal of Space Law
75. Journal of the Constitutional & Parliamentary Studies
76. Journal of World Trade
77. KOINOAIKION-Private Internationa Law
78. KULAR-Kashmir University Law Review
79. Law and Policy in International Business
80. Leiden Journal of International Law
81. MDU Law Journal
82. Michigan Journal of International Law Journal
83. Monthly Bibliography
84. Multilateral Treaties deposited with the SG Status
85. National Human Rights Commission: Annual Report
86. Natural Resources Journal
87. Netherlands International Law Review
88. Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
89. Netherlands Yearbook of International Law
90. New York Law School Journal of International & Comparative Law
91. New York University Annual Survey of American Law
92. New York University Journal of International Law and Politics
93. New Zealand Universities Law Review
94. North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation
95. North Dakota Law Review
96. North Western Journal of International Law & Business
97. Ocean Yearbook
98. Oklahoma Law Review
99. Patent and Trade Mark News
100. Public International Law
101. Punjab University Research Bulletin
102. Recueil Des Cours
103. Red Cross Red Crescent
104. Refugees
105. Report of the International Law Commission
106. Review International De Droit Compare
107. Review of European Community & International Environmental Law
108. Revue Egyptian De Driot International
109. Revue Hellenique De Driot International
110. Russia and Moslem World
111. Seminar
112. Singapore Journal of International Law
113. South African Yearbook of International Law
114. Southern California Law Review
115. Stanford Journal of International Law
116. Syracuse Journal of International and Comparative Law
117. Texas Journal of International Law Journal
118. Texas Law Review
119. The Economist
120. Towson University Journal of International Affairs
121. Transnational Corporation.
122. Tulane Maritime Law Journal
123. UN Chronicle
124. UN Juridical Yearbook
125. UN Monthly Bibliography
126. UN Multilateral Treaties
127. UN Treaty Series
128. Uniform Law Review
129. University of Detroit Mercy Law Review
130. Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law
131. Virginia Journal of International Law
132. World Focus
133. World Trade Report
134. WTO Annual Report
135. WTO International Trade Statistics
136. Yale Journal of International Law
137. Year Book of Commercial Arbitration
138. Year Book of Human Rights in Developing Countries
139. Year Book of International Environmental Law
140. Year Book of International Humanitarian Law
141. Yearbook of ICJ
142. Yearbook of Private International Law
143. Yearbook of the International Law Commission
144. Yearbook UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

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